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Calling startups and established companies!

Innovation is crucial. Establishing tighter bonds between Sweden’s vibrant startup scene and the country's thriving, established companies is necessary to increase the pace of innovation and economic growth.

The project is led by THINGSSTINGLEAD, MINC and UMINOVA in collaboration with SISP. Ignite Sweden is co-funded by Vinnova. 

Ignite Sweden is a national initiative. It´s always free for startups. The overall aim for the project is to help startups to find their first large customers. Along the way, we are curious to find out what collaboration models are the best in order to establish a prosperous collaboration

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The team


Stina Lantz

Program Manager Ignite Sweden - THINGS

+46 73 532 38 80


Niklas Sikström_jpeg.jpg

Niklas Sikström

Business Developer



Linda Krondahl

CEO & Co-Founder THINGS


Olof Berglund.jpg

Olof Berglund

Business Developer - STING


Katarina Fégeant profilbild_jpeg.jpg

Katarina Fégeant

Project Manager Ignite Sweden Day - THINGS

+46 76 633 73 13




Stina Lantz.jpg

Stina Lantz

Program Manager Ignite Sweden - THINGS

+46 73 532 38 80


Maria Bolin Anvill.jpg

Maria Bolin



Linda Krondahl.jpg

Linda Krondahl

CEO & Co-Founder THINGS


Kajsa Hedberg.jpg

Kajsa Hedberg




Pär Hedberg

CEO & Founder STING

Co-founder and Chairman, THINGS


Mikaela Färnqvist.jpg

Mikaela Färnqvist

Outreach manager MINC


Maria Olofsson.jpg

Maria Olofsson

Project Manager and Business developer, Uminova Innovation



Ignite ambassadors

Elisabeth Gustavsson.jpg

Elisabeth Gustavsson

Business Developer GU Ventures


Jennie Ekbeck.jpg

Jennie Ekbeck

CEO Umeå Biotech Incubator


Ebba Fåhreus.jpg

Ebba Fåhreus




Sales training

Christian Malmsten.jpg

Christian Malmsten

Uminova Innovation

Ulf Brandels.jpg

Ulf Brandels



STING is the leading accelerator in the Nordics. Based in Stockholm, we provide comprehensive growth support for startups, which includes: coaching from Sweden’s top entrepreneurs and previous venture capitalists, investment from Propel Capital, coworking spaces like SUP46 and THINGS, Sweden’s most advanced startup recruitment service and a vast international network of investors and business partners. Since 2002, we have worked with more than 200 startups in a range of industries, of which 72 percent are still active and growing. Among them are Yubico, Videoplaza, Volumental, Watty, Dreams and Sellpy. Together, all STING companies have a revenue of 122 million euro, of which 90 percent comes from export, and they have created more than 1200 jobs.

LEAD is the best business incubators in Sweden. Based in East Sweden since 2002, we back up startups with high-growth potential in any vertical. We offer world class business coaching, networks of capital and expertise and a quality assured process to build tomorrows companies and management teams. We push our companies to create enthusiastic customers and prepare companies for sustainable growth, where success is created through reaching milestones. Over and over again… We have worked with over 150 startups in Linköping and Norrköping over the years, for example Kreatel, Neo Technology to mention a few.

THINGS is Sweden’s only co-working hub focusing on hardware related companies. It is initiated by STING and the 2.000 sqm’s serves as a base for 30+ startups on KTH-Campus in Stockholm. With focus areas such as IoT, Wearables, Sensors, 3D Scanning/Printing, Automation and Robotics, main partners include some of the leading Swedish export companies such as ABB, Assa Abloy, NCC, Husqvarna, but also KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Akademiska Hus, SEB, SP and STING. 

THINGS focus their efforts on learning how to transform innovation in small, fast paced companies to value creation in large established corporations in mutually beneficial ways. THINGS have successfully expanded their community outside the physical hub to include some 100+ companies, building a THINGS community of hardware related enterprises to further increase innovation and international competitiveness for involved parties.