Is your startup ready for deployment or for a pilot project in a live customer's environment? Or are you seeking customers to validate your concept or product? We will get back to you when we have found a matching corporate. 

Calling startups for fall 2018:
6-7/9 Västerås - Steel Industry
27/9 Linköping - Visualisation
10/10, Göteborg -> Smart Industry
14/11, Stockholm -> Medtech
15/11, Jönköping - Elmia Subcontractor
28/11, Umeå - Forest Industry
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Q&A Startups

What’s in it for us?

By signing up, you will have a chance to meet established companies who are looking for startups who can help solve their challenges and  interested in meeting you, The first step is to match your startup with the needs of the established companies that have joined the project. If there is a match, this is the opportunity for you to establish a collaboration with one or more potential future customers. 

Who are attending from the corporates?
Its most often one or two delegates from the corporates attending the Ignite matchmaking, and their titles are Innovation and development managers. If the meeting is a success, you will be booked for meeting number two and meet more people from the corporate with different competences. Then an Ignite process Manager will join to support you. 

What does it cost? 

Ignite is not for profit and 100% free for startups. At some events, there can be a self cater cost applied.



What phase should my startup be in? 

Your startup should be looking for one of the following: 

  • A potential customer who can verify your business idea - proof of concept.

  • Help with verifying your final product requirements by a potential customer

  • Pilot testing your solution or product in a customer's environment.

Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

The matchmaking events will take place allover Sweden during the project period. You will know if we have scheduled meetings for you about two weeks prior the event. But it's important that you keep your calendar free until then so that we are certain that you can join if we get a match. 


Startup Stories


– For startups, getting the first, real customer fast is crucial. A customer gives us the possibility to validate both technology and possible business models early, in a real life context. We had our first Ignite meetings in April 2017, and already by the summer we ran two paid pilots - with multinational corporates. From my perspective, Ignite fills a very important gap in the Innovation Ecosystem.

Jon Linden, CEO Ekkono Solutions

Ekkono´s edge AI solution allows Alfa Laval to implement predictive maintenance. Alfa Laval can now reduce scheduled, manual maintenance, and instead act upon actual problems. The solution also opens up for new business models. 

Ekkono and Alfa Laval met during Ignite spring 2017. Pilot was successfully done by end of summer, and full roll out started september.  

Matched Startups 2017