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Is your startup ready for deployment or for a pilot project in a live customer's environment? Or are you seeking customers to validate your concept or product? Sign up for our program and we will get back to you when we have found a matching corporate. 

Q&A Startups

What’s in it for us?

By signing up, you will have the chance to meet established companies who are looking for startups who can help solve their challenges and are interested in meeting you. The first step is to match your startup with the needs of the established companies that have joined the program. If there is a match, this is the opportunity for you to establish a collaboration with one or more potential future customers. 

Who are attending from the corporates?
It’s most often one or two delegates from the corporates attending the Ignite matchmaking, and their titles are Innovation and development managers. If the meeting is a success, you will be booked for meeting number two and meet more people from the corporate with different competences. Then an Ignite process Manager can join to support you. 



What phase should my startup be in? 

Your startup should be looking for one of the following: 

  • A potential customer who can verify your business idea - proof of concept.

  • Help with verifying your final product requirements by a potential customer

  • Pilot testing your solution or product in a customer's environment.

Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

The matchmaking events will take place all over Sweden during the program period. You will know if we have scheduled meetings for you about two weeks prior the event. But it's important that you keep your calendar free until then so that we are certain that you can join if we get a match. 

What startups think of Ignite

Mimbly LinkedIN.jpg

Isabella Palmgren
CEO of Mimbly

“The meetings we’ve had through Ignite Sweden have led to a collaboration with Coor Service Management. To be able to get insights from a large company it is not something you find easily. And the potential of the collaboration is huge”.

Location: Gothenburg

Graphmatech LinkedIN.jpg

Björn Lindh
CFO of Graphmatech

“Ignite Sweden booked meetings for us with dream corporate customers such as BMW during Hannover Messe. They also arranged a presentation for VW! They understood what startups need to be seen when sharing a pavilion with large Swedish companies. Rating 5 out of 5!”

Location: Uppsala

Sally R LinkedIN edit.jpg

Erik Vallgårda Business Developer at Sally R

“Ignite Sweden makes it easier for startups to meet potential customers. Most of our meetings have resulted in further discussions on potential collaborations. Their matchmakings lead to results faster than other sales methods such as cold calls”.

Location: Västerås

Mavenoid Linkedin.jpg

Shahan Lilja
CEO of Mavenoid

Ignite Sweden got us our first customers and our first pilot projects. We couldn’t be more happy about what Ignite has done for us. They did everything for our company”.

Location: Stockholm

Gemit LinkedIN.jpg

Jonas Bäckman -

CEO of Gemit

“Thanks to Ignite Sweden, we have met many corporates that otherwise we could have never met. We have initiated a real project with Flir, a project that would have never started with a startup if it wasn’t for Ignite Sweden”.

Location: Stockholm

Ekkono Jon LInkedIN.jpg

Jon Linden
CEO of Ekkono Solutions

“Ignite Sweden is the best thing that have happened in the Swedish innovation ecosystem. The program helps us with the most important thing for a startup: finding corporate customers”.

Location: Varberg

Patrik Dahlqvist Insplorion edit.jpg

Patrik Dahlqvist

CEO of Insplorion

“We are impressed by Ignite Sweden’s performance. Through their program, startups can meet the right people directly in an efficient way, instead of getting trapped by large companies' bureaucracy”.

Location: Gothenburg

Sentian 3.jpeg

Martin Rugfelt -

CEO of Sentian.AI

By providing a corporate network, Ignite Sweden performs a very important role in the evolution of how startups can grow and become very successful in the future. We have initiated a collaboration with Stockholm Exergi, who we met through Ignite Sweden”.

Location: Malmö

Reliefed Technologies LinkedIN edit.jpg

Mikael Eklund -

CEO of Reliefed Technologies

“Ignite Sweden’s matchmaking events are professionally organized and executed! Then it is up to us, startups and large companies, to deliver”.

Location: Varberg

Greenlytics LinkedIN.jpg

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi -

CEO of Greenlytics

"Through Ignite Sweden, we came into contact with the right person, at the right corporate, at an early stage. This helped us validate our product through a pilot project with a corporate customer, much faster than otherwise would have been possible".

Location: Stockholm

Bioextrax LinkedIN.jpg

Edvard Hall
CEO of Bioextrax

“As a startup, it is not always easy to know if a large company is interested in your technology. But through the curate matchmakings that Ignite Sweden arranges, it has been possible to find the right corporate for our technology”.

Location: Lund

Prem gyghub LinkedIN.jpg

Prem Kumar - CEO of Gyghub

“Ignite Sweden is very special to me because thanks to one of its event we signed our first customer. We are about to start our pilot project very shortly”.

Location: Västerås