PRESS KIT | Stockholm | November 2018

Ignite Sweden Day 2018

Numerous startups and corporates joined Ignite Sweden Day 2018 on November 19 in Stockholm, to discuss how collaboration between large and small companies can promote innovation and increase competitiveness.

Meetings that lead to collaboration

Ignite Sweden matches large companies and startups with each other, in order to create opportunities for collaboration that can develop the solutions of tomorrow. An overwhelming majority, 86 percent, of the corporates that participated in Ignite Sweden state that their meetings with startups during the project have led to continued contacts.

- Many of our partners see great potential in collaborating with our participating startups and highly value being able to take advantage of the network of startups and large companies we’ve built with Ignite Sweden. That so many of Sweden's most exciting startups and some of the world's most innovation-friendly companies continue their dialogues after our events have ended, is a clear acknowledgment that the events fulfill an important role, said Stina Lantz, Project Manager for Ignite Sweden.

Projects that drive progress

For many of the corporates, the opportunity to test and evaluate products and services from startups is the biggest driving force for participating in this project. More than half of the participating corporates have started pilot projects with startups after Ignite Sweden and many say that the interaction with startups has helped them renew their offering to the market.

- Each year, I meet many committed representatives from the corporates that are part of Ignite Sweden. They work with determination to achieve the next steps in their fields and industries, and I feel incredibly proud that Ignite Sweden can be the catalyst that helps more companies to successful collaborations, continues Stina Lantz.


Startup Engagement:
Synerleap powered by ABB

“This industry giant has more than 86 startups through Ignite Sweden this year. Investing in finding applicable models to enable startup collaboration, Synerleap powered by ABB are the way for many startups to build real business cases with ABB ”

Best Startup Hack:
Anna-Karin Lindblom and team FLIR

“With a pragmatic approach to both economic and legal aspects when it comes to startup collaborations, FLIR has, thanks to a strong internal ambassador, moved from a first meeting through pilot to implementation in a record breaking 2-month period. ”

Best Startup Collaborator:

" With a strong personal commitment to the way through internal processes, SAAB and their representatives in Ignite Sweden have proven it is possible to partner up with startups, despite differences in size, finances and culture. By being open to new ideas and new technologies, they have entered new partnerships this year; a key factor in keeping bothering startups and corporates in the international forefront.


Ignite Sweden is a program aimed at catalysing commercial partnerships between small innovative startups and large companies. The project started at the start of 2017. An important part of the project is to exchange experiences about the challenges of collaboration between large companies and startups. Behind Ignite Sweden are STING, LEAD, THINGS, MINC, UMINOVA and SISP, Swedish Incubators and Science Parks. The project is co-funded by Vinnova.