The Swedish Energy Agency and Ignite Sweden initiate cooperation in 2018, with the aim of more environmental innovations coming to market through cooperation between innovative startups and large companies.

Ignite Sweden have until now resulted in 18 commercial collaborations, and now we are looking forward to raise that number together. We welcome start-ups, scale-ups and corporates who want to make a positive impact on climate and energy to apply. 


10-11 April, Borås, Innovationsriksdagen
17 April, Robotics, Stockholm
8 May, Digital tools for HR and Learning, Stockholm
15 May, IoT, Stocholm
24 Maj, Clean-tech, IoT, New Materials, Malmö 
6-7 September, Machine Learning & Additive Manufacturing, Västerår
27 September, Computer Vision & Visualisation, Linköping
9 October, Smart Industry, Göteborg


Application for startups
We welcome startups and scale-ups with scalable solutions and/or business models to join the project. Apply by filling in the form, and we will get back to you when we have a match with a corporate.   

Application for corporates
Are you a corporate looking for new, innovative solutions? Please fill in the form, and we will contact you with more information. 


What’s in it for us?

By signing up, you will have a chance to meet established companies who are looking for startups who can help solve their challenges and  interested in meeting you, The first step is to match your startup with the needs of the established companies that have joined the project. If there is a match, this is the opportunity for you to establish a collaboration with one or more potential future customers. 

Who are attending from the corporates?
Its most often one or two delegates from the corporates attending the Ignite matchmaking, and their titles are Innovation and development managers. If the meeting is a success, you will be booked for meeting number two and meet more people from the corporate with different competences. Then an Ignite process Manager will join to support you. 

What phase should my startup be in? 

Your startup should be looking for one of the following: 

  • A potential customer who can verify your business idea - proof of concept. 
  • Help with verifying your final product requirements by a potential customer  
  • Pilot testing your solution or product in a customer's environment. 


Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

The matchmaking events will take place allover Sweden during 2018. You will know if we have scheduled meetings for you about two weeks prior the event. But it´s important that you keep your calendar free until then so that we are certain that you can join if we get a match. 

What does it cost? 

Ignite is not for profit and 100% free for startups. At some events, there can be a self cater cost

The process:
1. Apply to Ignite
2. We will present a relevant selection of startups to the corporates attending, based on what the corporates are looking for.
3. The corporates will decide which startups they wish to meet.
4. As soon as we know, we will let you know if, and how many meetings your are scheduled for. 

... After that, you only need to sharpen your sales technique and be there for the meetings! 


What’s in it for us? 

By signing up for the project, you will have the opportunity to pitch your current challenges to Sweden’s most promising and innovative startups. We can’t promise you a rosegarden, but we can guarantee that you will get to learn about new innovations, new solutions and working methods outside your box.  

How does Ignite find startups? 

We use a combination of the wide network (we reach all Swedish Incubators and Science Parks) and personal scouting by people who are well connected on the startup scene. 

How much time will we have to allocate for Ignite?

It depends on the challenges you wish to solve. Some of the participating startups need help with proofing product requirements toward a real business case. Some other startups are 100% market ready and you might want to pilot their solutions within your environment. At the end, it’s up to you. You will have the opportunity to decide that later on in the project.



What roles in our company should we ideally involve? 

It all depends on where innovation belongs within your company. Ideally, you will involve a cross-functional team - including both the business and tech side of your business. Former participant roles have been Head of Development, CTO, CIO, business development, R&D manager and even CEO.

What phase will the startups be in? 

The startups your company will be matched with are looking for: 

  • Looking for a potential customer who can verify the business idea - proof of market
  • Help with verifying the final product requirements by a potential customer  
  • Pilot testing their solution or product in a customer's environment. 

Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

Ignite already has a set of scheduled activities 2018, please see the updated calendar here: 

It’s important that we know what activities you wish to attend one month prior the occasion, so that we can find the right startups for you to meet.