Listen to why KLM/AIR FRANCE thinks its important to collaborate with startups. 


This project aims to initiate collaborations between startups and established companies. Along the way, we are curious to find out what models are the best in order to establish a prosperous collaboration

Are you an established company that want to explore benefits with startup collaboration? Do you want to boost innovation within your company at the same time?

Join Ignite Sweden and get:

  • Startups scouted upon your Innovation needs

  • Meet Startups during facilitated matchmaking sessions   

  • Support on how to start Startup-collaboration

  • Network with other large corporates facing the same challenges

Q&A Established Companies

What’s in it for us? 

By signing up for the project, you will have the opportunity to connect with Sweden’s most promising and innovative startups. You can pitch your current challenges to them and perhaps get new insights how to solve them. You can also start mutual development projects with those you wish to collaborate with. We can’t promise instant success, but we can guarantee that you will get to learn about new innovations, new solutions and working methods outside your box.  

What roles in our company should we ideally involve? 

It all depends on where innovation belongs within your company. Ideally, you will involve a cross-functional team - including both the business and tech side of your business. Former participant roles have been Head of Development, CTO, CIO, business development, R&D manager and even CEO. 




What phase will the startups be in? 

The startups your company will be matched with are: 

  • Looking for a potential customer who can verify their business idea and technology - proof of market

  • Help with verifying the final product requirements by a potential customer

  • Pilot testing their solution or product in a customer's environment.

How much time will we have to allocate for the project?

It depends on the challenges you wish to solve and how big of a collaboration you will want to enter with a startup. In the end, it’s up to you. You will have the opportunity to decide that later on in the project.

By signing up, you are only committing to performing an interview with us to determine your needs and what startups that would be most relevant for you to meet with.

Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

It depends on when we find a startup that matches your specific challenges. The next round of Ignite Sweden will run all through 2019 and applications are open now.


Corporates matched since 2017